So it’s the end of your holiday, your, refreshed, relaxed and have a healthy glow, but what’s really going on with your hair and skin, has the sun taken its toll?

Hair and Scalp

We all know that we should look after our skin in the sun, but what about the areas we forget, the places we never think of, like our scalp. We all know we should put suntan cream on our body, but how many of us actually think to apply it to our scalp. Your scalp is exposed to the sun more than any other area of your body. As a result your scalp can feel dry and tight, it can appear irritated and in some cases flaky. As a solution to this problem you should use products that moisturize and rehydrate the scalp, this will soften and calm the affected area.

One treatment we promote in the salon is nutriose by kerastase. This offers nutrition and softening of the scalp, an immediate feeling of comfort. It is non- greasy and easily absorbed. It will also leave your hair nourished and soft with added body.


We all love the brown healthy glow of our skin after a holiday, but once we are home and applying less products to our skin very quickly our tan can start to peel and our skin feel very dry. To keep skin from drying out, moisturizing daily is a must, Morning and evening! Don’t forget your body needs to be kept moisturized all over, not just our faces.

A hydrating facial such as the Hydradermie helps to deep cleanse, rehydrate and regenerate the skin so you would leave feeling refreshed and revived. Just what you need for your post holiday skin!

To give your hair, scalp and skin a full post holiday over haul, we would recommend a thorough consultation with one of our in-salon kerastase ambassador’s and or one of our Beauty Therapists they can then prescribe you a personalised post holiday hair, scalp and skincare plan.

MAXWELLS PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSING AND BEAUTY THERAPY together with MAXWELLS FOR MEN AND MAXWELLS VILLAS- gives you the total package for all your Hair care, Skin care and Holiday needs.

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