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How important is your skin to you? How to keep looking as young and beautiful as ever!

Skin is a huge part of someone therefore there is nothing better than having a flawless skin. With our help this could be you! Skin needs to be looked after correctly for you to benefit from huge results. Research has demonstrated that by having a good skincare routine your skin will improve massively. With our help at Maxwells you could be put on a pathway to healthy radiant looking skin.

By following our few simple steps you will see amazing results!

A cleanse and tone is a important part of a daily routine to remove any remains of makeup by preparing your skin before applying make-up. This needs to be carried out twice daily morning and evening by applying onto a cotton pad followed by removing with a damp cotton pad..

A facial scrub is a very good thing to do once or twice weekly to exfoliate all those dead skin cells that settle on the top surface of the skin . This help to prevent blemishes appearing by preventing poor blockage to pores and gives skin a radiant glow. There are many different varieties of exfoliates such as grainy ones for normal to combination skin and gel ones for dry and sensitive skins..

A facial mask is important especially with the cold weather to give the skin a huge boost in moisture and remain revitalised. A ten pence piece size is plenty and leave for 15 minutes. Usage once a week.

Finally a moisturiser this is a huge part to the skins daily routine, make sure your moisturiser suits your skin and doesn’t feel tight after application if it is then you need a richer cream. A moisturiser should be applied morning and evening everyday and will keep your skin looking hydrated and radiant.

With these simple steps to a daily skincare routine your skin could become an amazing radiant skin for a nice start to your day.

Maxwells our offering FREE skin consultations for the whole of April to make sure everyone is using the best products for their skin! I hope this has helped you and we look forward to advising you in your skin care routine for you to achieve beautiful skin!


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